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Warp Speed, an original, fluorescent painting
Atomic Shadows, an original, fluorescent painting
Celestial Sunset II, an original fluorescent painting
Warp Speed        22" x 28"                 SOLD
        Atomic Shadows      30" x 40"                      $1,500
                             Framed w/ hanging wire

A representation of atomic sites in a platinum
crystal, seen through an ion microscope.

Celestial Sunset II (Hot Planet)   18" x 22"    $300
                     Framed w/ hanging wire
Trance, an original, fluorescent painting
Trance                   20" x 24"                   $300
                Framed w/ hanging wire
Trance II A, an original, fluorescent painting
Trance II B, an original, fluorescent painting
Trance II A                                  Trance II B
                  12" x 14"      $250 set
                Framed w/ hanging wire

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Atomic Shadows
Total: $1,530.00  Qty:  $1,500.00 + $30.00 shipping
Celestial Sunset II
Total: $315.00  Qty:  $300.00 + $15.00 shipping
Trance IIA and IIB
Total: $265.00  Qty:  $250.00 set of 2 + $15.00 shipping
Total: $315.00  Qty:  $300.00 + $15.00 shipping