Playa Mexicana con Iguana, an original, fluorescent painting
Playa Mexicana con Iguana     20" x 24"     SOLD
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Playa Mexicana con Iguana features a cartoon iguana,
wearing a wide-brimmed Mexican hat, relaxing on a
foldout beach chair and holding a drink in its claw.
The back of the chair shows the stripes and colors
of the Mexican flag with the face of the Aztec sun god
painted on the sun. 
City Light II, an original, fluorescent painting
Endless Tunnel, an original, fluorescent painting
Endless Tunnel           18" x 24"             $250
                Framed w/ hanging wire
City Lights II        18" x 36"                        SOLD
                Framed w/ hanging wire
Inspired by Denver, Colorado, but it
could be any big city by mountains.
Endless Tunnel II, an original, fluorescent painting
Endless Tunnel II          18" x 24"          $250
                Framed w/ hanging wire
City Behind Bars, an original, fluorescent painting
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City Behind Bars         18" x 24"         $500
              Framed w/ hanging wire
Alan Stricof, all rights reserved
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Endless Tunnel
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Endless Tunnel II
Total: $270.00  Qty:  $250.00 + $20.00 shipping
City Behind Bars
Total: $520.00  Qty:  $500.00 + $20.00 shipping