Featuring original, fluorescent paintings by
                                the owner and founder of Fluorescent Works -
                                                        Alan Stricof

                                             Psychedelic black light artist, Alan Stricof, started Fluorescent
                                             Works back in 1992 with a pre-printed line of wearable, black light art, by taking some of his original paintings and putting them on T-shirts, for sale to the
public.  He started the business with the idea that it would serve as a vehicle for promoting his art work.  Using fluorescent inks, he was able to capture the black light effect of his original paintings on the T-shirts.   Stricof's art work now sells internationally, but not in pretentious galleries.  All over the world, there are people wearing his designs - on T-shirts!  Please take a stroll through our online, black light art gallery to see some very original, black light art.

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Fluorescent Works' Black Light Art Gallery
photo of black light artist, Alan Stricof