Fluorescent Works'
  Custom Black Light Poster,
Banner and Art Print Service

- Low minimum quantity!  Start with
  an order of just 50 black light posters
  or black light art prints.*

     Get your artwork and photos reproduced as black light posters or as black light art prints.  Classic-style, flocked, black light posters, popular since the 1960's, are also available for an additional charge.

     Flock is a velvety soft, peach fuzz-like material that
can be applied over the black areas of a black light poster.  Flocking adds depth, dimension and texture.  It's what most people prefer and expect black light posters to have.  Nevertheless, a fluorescent or black light poster, printed on smooth paper, without any
flocking, saves money and looks just as good when viewed in the dark, under black lights.

     Flocking adds hundreds of dollars to the cost of even a small poster order.  For that reason, it is not considered to be a commercially viable or cost-effective option for smaller quantities (< 250) of black light posters.   It's a nice touch, but it isn't required. Your custom, black light posters can be printed without flocking, for less money.  The colors will be just as vibrant.

    Standard size (full-size) is 23" x 35".   This is also standard size for commercial or store-sold, black light posters.  However, they can be trimmed down to your specifications and the image reduced accordingly.

     Please get in touch with us.  Let us know what sort of quantity you're considering, the size you want your posters or art prints to be, whether or not you want them flocked, and, if possible, attach a photo of the image or artwork you want reproduced.  Hope we'll be
hearing from you.  Thanks!

  Phone (719) 527-0808


     * Some rules were meant to be broken!  For orders of less than 50 posters, please contact us for a price quote, but be advised of high per-unit costs when ordering
very small quantities.

     Do you have a special or unusual
                black light project?

    Or are you, by any chance, in the market for a fluorescent / UV / black light banner, backdrop or wall hanging?  Or even just an extra-large size, custom black light poster?  How about a day/night effect?  Perhaps you're looking for a company that can enlarge and reproduce a photo using fluorescent inks to create a photo-realistic image for viewing under black lights.  Please let us know.  We can help.  These things are all now possible.  Using state-of-the-art imaging equipment involving breakthrough technology, printing with fluorescent / UV / black light inks is almost without limitations!

               CHECK THIS OUT !!

   Amazing, large, poster-size, black light reproduction of a photograph taken by a cell phone camera, using new, state-of-the-art, imaging equipment combined with specially developed, fluorescent inks to go with it.  The photo you are seeing was taken under black lights - by the same cell phone camera that took the original photo.
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