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      If you want just one, or a few, or a very small number of custom black light posters, for display, for promotional purposes, or for personal enjoyment, please contact us.  We are your one and only source!  This is a unique, new service with an unusual approach to creating custom, black light posters without flocking.



     Get your artwork reproduced as classic-style, flocked, black light posters, popular since the late 1960's, at a low, per-poster price!  Minimum order of 500 required.   

     Flock is a velvety soft, peach fuzz-like material that
is applied over the black areas of a black light poster.  Flock adds depth, dimension and texture.  It's what most people prefer and expect black light posters to have.  Nevertheless, a fluorescent or black light poster, without flocking, looks just as good when viewed in the dark, under black lights.

    Standard size (full-size) is 23" x 35".   This is also standard size for commercial or store-sold, black light posters.  However, they can be trimmed down to your specifications and the image reduced accordingly.


     Please contact us for a price quote and let us know which of our two, very different, printing services you have in mind.  Please also let us know what sort of quantity you're considering, the size you want your black light posters or art prints to be, and, if possible, attach a photo of the image or artwork you want reproduced.  Hope we'll be hearing from you.  Thanks!

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