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Attention customers!  Send us photos of yourself and/or others wearing our merchandise while partying, socializing or while engaged in other fun and wholesome activities and we'll post them on this web page!
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Philanthropy Week at Valdosta State University
See Our T-Shirts in Action, page 1

See Our T-Shirts in Action, page 3
      The Kappa Sigma fraternity held a, "Philanthropy Week," February 22 - 26, 2010 and all the sororities competed to see which one could raise the most money.  For this event, the Chi Omega sorority ordered a whole bunch of our fluorescent / neon green tank tops.  They also made use of our custom T-shirt service to show all the guys at Kappa Sigma how much they appreciated their efforts.     
Valdosta State University sorority girls wearing custom, neon green tank tops
Valdosta State University sorority girls wearing custom, neon green tank tops, 2nd photo
   Black Light Karaoke brought to you by Walters Entertainment

      Karaoke is just one of a growing line-up of events Winnetka, California-based Walters Entertainment is doing these days.  They cover just about every type of festive event, be it personal, corporate or civic.  However, nobody does karaoke like Walters Entertainment!  They use nothing but top-notch, professional sound equipment, a live D.J., as well as some highly talented, professional singers.  Now, add to this mix an array of powerful black lights and throw in some 60's style, psychedelic black light art and they end up achieving an effect or experience that transcends ordinary karaoke.
      The photos, below, were taken under a mix of normal, indoor lighting and black lights.  As you can see, a room doesn't have to be completely dark to get the black light effect. 
      Sid Walters purchased a couple of our
Neon Swirl fluorescent tie-dye T-shirts for himself and for his D.J. to wear while performing.  "This party (where the photos were taken) was a 60's & 70's theme.  Many people dressed for the time period.  I remember plain, white T-shirts actually dominating the look/trend of both those decades.  Not really flashy, Eh!!  But get a load of your stunning, neon tie-dye T-shirts.  Every last pixel of these shirts glows exquisitely under the intense effects of our black lights."  - Sid Walters
Entertainer Sid Walters wearing a Neon Swirl tie-dye T-shirt
Hi everyone.  I'm Sid Walters of Walters Entertainment.  I love to sing.  I hope you do too.
Entertainer Sid Walters wearing a Neon Swirl tie-dye T-shirt, 2nd photo
That's my main man, over there, Chris "DJ Scooby Do" Woodard.  He also loves to sing.
DJ Scooby Do Woodard wearing a Neon Swirl tie-dye T-shirt
DJ Scooby Do Woodard wearing a Neon Swirl tie-dye T-shirt, 3rd photo
DJ Scooby Do Woodard wearing a Neon Swirl tie-dye T-shirt, 4th photo
Now it's your turn to sing.
C'mon.  Don't be shy.  I know you
can do it.
Phone: 1- 818- 437-7387

Email: waltersent@sbcglobal.net
DJ Scooby Do Woodard wearing a Neon Swirl tie-dye T-shirt, 2nd photo
Walters Entertainment
hippy dude, party animal wearing a Neon Swirl tie-dye T-shirt
   Credit Union Appreciation Party
with a 60’s Theme - December, 2012
One of our local customers - Doug - from the Colorado Springs vicinity, is a mild-
mannered, senior loan officer at a credit union by day, but turns into a wild and crazy, hard-rockin' party animal at night.  Here we see him looking like the quintessential hippie, flashing a peace sign and wearing one of our
fluorescent / neon tie-dye T-shirts.  In the background is a black light poster not unlike the kind we sell.  It's just amazing how well that T-shirt and the black light poster go together! 

"We used black lights for a few games that we set up.  We had a black light ring toss game and a black light dart board.  It was fun."

Spring Station Middle School Mustang's First Annual 5K Glow Run participants
Spring Station Middle School Mustang's First Annual
                   5K Glow Run - April 12, 2014
What a turn-out!  Over
800 participants for this fund-raising event, some running, some walking.  Proceeds from the race benefitted the school's academic, athletic, social and arts education programs.  Sponsored by the school's PTO, the race was described as a, "one of a kind, night time experience that isn't all about how fast you run, but about enjoying the music
filled GLOW course with
your friends and family."

It sounds like fun.  With so many participating, others must have thought so too.
Running a 5 kilometer
race, outdoors, under black lights while  music is playing, is an unusual way to spend an evening, to say the least, but in Spring Hill, Tennessee, they might just do it again next year.

  5K Glow Run participants pose for a pic wearing Neon Swirl A
fluorescent / neon, tie-dye T-shirts  from Fluorescent Works. 

"We looked great for the race.  Everyone turned and noticed us right away. Loved it!  Not sure how we will out-do ourselves next year.  I'm sure I will be looking at your shirts again.  THANK YOU for your quick response and turnaround.  I really appreciate it."

                           - Andrea from Thompsons Station, Tennessee

  Black Light Tap Dance Recital
                  May, 2015

"Your shirt was absolutely 'glowing' under the black light for my son's tap recital.  The owner of the dance studio was extremely impressed by how well it glowed.  She asked me to share the website so they may use you for future perfor- mances.  Here is a photo of my son during his dance.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get a
good shot under the black lights because of lighting issues.
     Thank you again for making sure the shirt arrived on time."

                  - Marnie from Yucaipa, California

boy in a tap dance recital wearing a youth-size, plain, neon green T-shirt
El Dorado High School black light pep rally, 2nd photo
El Dorado High School black light pep rally

black light photos
Wearing Fluorescent
Works'  long-sleeve,
fluorescent /neon pink
is the El Dorado
High School Varsity
Cheer team from
El Dorado, Arkansas.

Sunday, Nov 1, 2016
was the 3rd annual
black light pep rally
hosted by the varsity
cheer team.  The pep
rally kicked off basketball
season with introductions
of all basketball players,
from 7th grade through
12th grade.  The team
mesmerized their
audience with a
stunning performance!