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     Heavyweight, 100% Preshrunk Cotton

       Tie-Dye T-Shirts    $15.95

      Fluorescent Works proudly offers you creations by some of America's  finest tie-
dye artists.  These beautiful, NON-fluorescent,
tie-dye T-shirts are available at the very
special price of just $15.95 each + shipping.
They are heavyweight (6 oz.), 100% pre-
shrunk cotton and will hold up exceptionally
well over time.  Also, check out our bargain basement, below, for close-outs and discontinued tie-dye T-shirts. 

        Adult sizes medium through XXL.
Rainbow Curve  (navy T-shirt)
Yellow X tie-dye T-shirt
Blue Circle tie-dye T-shirt, burgandy
Rainbow Circle tie-dye T-shirt
Rainbow Track tie-dye T-shirt
Rainbow Track  (navy T-shirt)
Rainbow Curve tie-dye T-shirt
Retro Swirl tie-dye T-shirt
Spider Web tie-dye T-shirt
Gem Tops tie-dye T-shirts
                       Gem Tops

Emerald and Ruby are still available.
Fire Burst tie-dye T-shirt
                 More T-shirts!
Imprinted T-shirts - non-fluorescent
                    just $10.95
Purple X tie-dye T-shirt
Purple V tie-dye T-shirt
Fluorescent Works
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Desert Turquoise tie-dye T-shirt
                Fluorescent Works
              2905 Sage Street  #3
        Colorado Springs, CO 80907
           Phone # (719) 527-0808

Check out our own, exclusive
    pre-print line
of wearable,
          fluorescent / neon
black light art T-shirts,
           starting at $14.95.
Power Surge imprinted image with fluorescent / neon ink on a tie-dye T-shirt
e-mail button
Flaming Skull T-shirt
Carnival tie-dye T-shirt
Color Swirl tie-dye T-shirt
Zig Zag tie-dye T-shirt
photo of staircase
           The Bargain Basement

        Top Quality!  Great Price!

Welcome to our bargain basement.  Here you'll find even lower prices on discontinued and  close-out tie-dye T-shirts, still backed by our return policy.  Sizes and quantities are limited.  Get'em while they last!

                       Heavyweight (6 oz.),
      100% preshrunk cotton, tie-dye T-shirts


                  Only $10.00
multi-colored, Neon Swirl A tie-dye T-shirt
            Fluorescent / Neon Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Special fluorescent dyes are used to create these amazing pieces of wearable black light art.  Adult
and youth sizes!

           Plain, solid-color,
fluorescent / neon T-shirts
multi-colored, Neon Swirl B tie-dye T-shirt
black light posters
neon blue tank top
four, plain, neon T-shirts in assorted colors
Yes!  We have wholesale pricing on bulk orders.
Please send us your request by e-mail.

To send us your retail order and your payment by
regular mail, just print out our .............................
  price list and order form.
                                                     (You can also use our shopping cart for mail-in orders.)
two-color - neon green and neon yellow - tie-dye T-shirt
two-color - neon blue and neon pink - tie-dye T-shirt
women's neon pink T-shirt
      Something special for the ladies:
Women's Fluorescent / Neon T-Shirts
two-tone, neon purple, tie-dye tank top
  Fluorescent / Neon
Tie-Dye Tank Tops 
  5 Awesome Colors
Color Burst tie-dye T-shirt
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