Fluorescent Works'
        Custom Black Light
            Poster Services




                                  Get your artwork reproduced as
                                  classic-style, screen-printed, black light
                                  posters, popular since the late 1960's,
                                  with or without flocking.  A minimum
                                  order of 50 posters (of the same image)
                                  is required.

      Flock is a velvety soft, peach fuzz or felt-like material
that is commonly applied only over the solid black areas or parts of a black light poster.  Flock adds depth, dimension and texture.  Nevertheless, a fluorescent or black light
poster without flocking looks just as good when viewed in
the dark, under black lights.  Flocking is a costly add-on or option.  For that reason, it is best suited for mass production and is not recommended for orders of less than 300 posters.  
     Your screen-printed, custom, black light posters can
be as large as 18" x 24".  The posters can also be cut or
trimmed down to your specifications and the image
reduced accordingly.

"Got the posters today and they look amazing!  We are both very happy with how they turned out and Id also like to compliment you on the packaging.  Thank you for all your patience and understanding with the snag that we hit at
first.  And thanks to you and your team for some
phenomenal work!"            - William, Bristol, Tennessee

"I got the posters!  They look great."
                                             - Walter, Red Banks, New Jersey

I am completely floored and blown away at how great these
look.  Beyond my wildest expectation, and I had high
expectations!  My partners are equally thrilled.  Look
forward to more business down the road.
                                             - Dan, Pacifica, California

"Thank you and your team for making sure our order was
the way we needed it!  I will certainly keep you in mind for
future poster needs! :)"     - Brian, Tucson, Arizona

"We LOVE the posters.  They look great.  Thanks so much."
                                             - Diana, Santa Fe, New Mexico



      If you want just one, or a few, or a very small number of
custom, black light posters - for display, for promotional purposes, to give as a gift or for your personal enjoyment - please contact us.  We are your one and only source!  This
is a unique service with an unusual approach to creating custom, black light posters.  Your black light posters can
be as large as 23" x 35", but they can also be cut or
trimmed down to your specifications and the image reduced accordingly.

"Thank you so much.  It (the poster) arrived today.  To hear
a grown man squeal with excitement and joy like a little boy
was worth it.  :)  Thank you again for helping me make his
childhood wish come true."              - Tiesha, New Zealand

"I got the playfields, and they look great!  Maybe I'll send a
picture once I get them incorporated, but it may be a few
weeks.   Thanks for all the hard work and the nice
product."                        - Craig, Cottonwood Heights, Utah

"The poster came in just now, and it is exactly what I was hoping for.  It looks so amazing.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.  Thank you so much.  My brother will
love it.                                             - Andrew, Troy, Michigan

"I am thrilled to have one of my own pictures on display in
my black light room!  Thank you!"
                                               - Wendy, Van Nuys, California

                   Wendy's poster pics

black light photo

     Please contact us for a price quote and let us know
which of our two, very different, printing services you have
in mind.  Please also let us know what sort of quantity
you're considering, the size you want your black light
posters or art prints to be, and, if possible, attach a photo
of the image or artwork you want reproduced.  Hope we'll
be hearing from you.  Thanks!

  Phone (719) 527-0808