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     Heavyweight, 100% Preshrunk Cotton

       Tie-Dye T-Shirts    $15.95

      Fluorescent Works proudly offers you creations by some of America's  finest tie-
dye artists.  These beautiful, NON-fluorescent,
tie-dye T-shirts are available at the very
special price of just $15.95 each + shipping.
They are heavyweight (6 oz.), 100% pre-
shrunk cotton and will hold up exceptionally
well over time.  Also, check out our bargain basement, below, for close-outs and discontinued tie-dye T-shirts. 

        Adult sizes medium through XXL.
Rainbow Curve  (navy T-shirt)
Yellow X tie-dye T-shirt
Blue Circle tie-dye T-shirt, burgandy
Rainbow Circle tie-dye T-shirt
Rainbow Track tie-dye T-shirt
Rainbow Track  (navy T-shirt)
Rainbow Curve tie-dye T-shirt
Retro Swirl tie-dye T-shirt
Spider Web tie-dye T-shirt
Gem Tops tie-dye T-shirts
                       Gem Tops

Emerald and Ruby are still available.
Fire Burst tie-dye T-shirt
                 More T-shirts!
Imprinted T-shirts - non-fluorescent
                    just $10.95
Purple X tie-dye T-shirt
Purple V tie-dye T-shirt
Fluorescent Works
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Desert Turquoise tie-dye T-shirt
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        Colorado Springs, CO 80907
            Phone (719) 527-0808

Check out our own, exclusive
    pre-print line
of wearable,
          fluorescent / neon
black light art T-shirts,
           starting at $14.95.
Power Surge imprinted image with fluorescent / neon ink on a tie-dye T-shirt
e-mail button
Flaming Skull T-shirt
Carnival tie-dye T-shirt
Color Swirl tie-dye T-shirt
Zig Zag tie-dye T-shirt
photo of staircase
           The Bargain Basement

        Top Quality!  Great Price!

Welcome to our bargain basement.  Here you'll find even lower prices on discontinued and  close-out tie-dye T-shirts, still backed by our return policy.  Sizes and quantities are limited.  Get'em while they last!

                       Heavyweight (6 oz.),
      100% preshrunk cotton, tie-dye T-shirts


                  Only $10.00
multi-colored, Neon Swirl A tie-dye T-shirt
            Fluorescent / Neon Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Special fluorescent dyes are used to create these amazing pieces of wearable black light art.  Adult
and youth sizes!

           Plain, solid-color,
fluorescent / neon T-shirts
multi-colored, Neon Swirl B tie-dye T-shirt
black light poster
neon blue tank top
four, plain, neon T-shirts in assorted colors
Yes!  We have wholesale pricing on bulk orders.
Please send us your request by

To send us your retail order and your payment by
regular mail, just print out our ...............................
  price list and order form.
                                                     (You can also use our shopping cart for mail-in orders.)
two-color - neon green and neon yellow - tie-dye T-shirt
two-color - neon blue and neon pink - tie-dye T-shirt
women's neon pink T-shirt
      Something special for the ladies:
Women's Fluorescent / Neon T-Shirts
two-tone, neon purple, tie-dye tank top
  Fluorescent / Neon
Tie-Dye Tank Tops 
  5 Awesome Colors
Color Burst tie-dye T-shirt
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